In my first company I was asked if I wanted to be a Sr. Applications Developer. I answered no since I just had 2 years experience and felt that I was lacking a more deeper understanding of my technical stack.

2 years later, I left and joined a different company, 1 year in they promoted me as Senior. I still didn’t felt like it because I felt lacking in leadership skills. I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to leading a team. I have a bit of experience with collaboration but that’s it. Just a bit. This isn’t enough for me to be Senior. I left a year and a half later to join another company not as Senior.

Which is my present situation. I want to collaborate more with others and grow my leadership skills steadily since it is a skill only learned through experience and practice. Just reading about it isn’t enough.

I'm a Software Engineer in the Philippines. I meditate, code and enjoy time with family. I contribute to open source when available and develop myself. #23809